YUNSÉ  is a London based womenswear brand with novelty factors.

The designer pursues a new aesthetic paradigm inspired by the opposing (contrasting) elements.

that are derived from the accidental effect, and realises this concept with her brand.


Sejung Yoon, the head designer and CEO of YUNSÉ, launched her brand YUNSÉ in 2018.

After her debut in 19 FW London Fashion Week, she started the business in Seoul.

In 2019, YUNSÉ showed their pieces in Paris Fashion Week throughout the 3 season collection, FW 19, SS20 and FW 20.

 In 2020, YUNSÉ got part in Uno Showroom during Tokyo Fashion Week. 

YUNSÉ was appointed the Korean MTI ( Ministry of Trade and Industry) Award in the Korea Fashion Contest, held by the Korean Fashion Association.